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However, when I open the slides with PP for Mac, the formulas are not displayed correctly.

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Screenshot of the correct formula under windows. Screenshot of the same file under mac.

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Assuming you have a Windows PC with PowerPoint '13 installed you need to save the document in the older compatibility mode for Office or PowerPoint This will ensure compatibility with Office for Mac which is actually Office Your Mac should now be able to open it and everything should work. Use a online conversion tool such as Convert Files. This way is not recommended, as it can screw with the document layout. Interestingly, the rest of the world has adopted this except Apple, who have their own clockwork release dates , E. Kaspersky Anti-Virus was actually released to the public at the end of By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Screenshot of the correct formula under windows Screenshot of the same file under mac Is there any way this can be fixed, without converting the formulas to images? Michael Michael 33 1 4.

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Proprietary formats are hard to understand Don't you have PP for Mac? Unfortunately, there is no PP for the Mac. The latest version is PP Even in the Office suite, there is only the version included. You could also try to open it with other editor such as LibreOffice or Google Drive I doubt it will work well though. If you still have a computer with windows, try to save the file with an older format maybe with ppt instead of pptx , or even with any other format common to both , and then to open it with the Mac.

Office Tutorials - Inserting Symbols (Microsoft Powerpoint 2011)

Judging from the images you've posted, you're getting font substitution. What font does the Windows version tell you it's using for the text and formula? Microsoft Word has two different typing environments: Everything you type in this environment is considered math: To exit the math environment, click on any text outside the math environment. One easy way to do this is by pressing the right arrow key. There are multiple ways to display a fraction. The default is vertically aligned as illustrated below. Obtain this by typing the fraction and pressing space: Linear fraction resp.

Microsoft Office Equation Editor

While you can also do this by right-clicking on the equation and clicking Linear , this affects the whole equation and not just the fraction. Grouping symbols will automatically size to the appropriate size. Also press space after typing every closing parenthesis " ", which will adjust both the opening and closing parentheses size to fit the group's contents. These are all common symbols.

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The easiest thing to do would be to find a LaTeX reference sheet. A few of those symbols are shown here:.

Unit vectors e. Dot notation for time derivatives e.

Insert a math equation into a PowerPoint for Mac presentation

Use parenthesis to start and end the matrix. Aligning equations can be obtained with the "eqarray" symbol. Use parenthesis to stat and end the matrix.

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Use " " to separate equations. The second and then every other occurrence is white space.

Insert a math equation into a PowerPoint for Mac presentation - PowerPoint for Mac

The equations below can be obtained by typing the following text:. The math environment here seems to be adding excess space between the alignments that doesn't occur in Word. Equations have two forms. Inline specifies that the equation is to be in line with text.

This affects a few expressions to make them appear smaller. For instance fractions will use a smaller font. Summations and integrals will place the endpoints to the right of the symbol instead of below it.